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3 Ways Python Makes Businesses Stronger

by Royce Hall on August 27, 2020 | data management,Python,technology

Python is one of the most in demand languages because it is easy to learn, fast to write with, extremely flexible, and well supported. With this language you can make basic scripts, build robust applications, and do deep learning with ML and AI. In our Python shop alone we have built an app to fly drones that feed data into...

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Dev Talk: Product Design and Javascript

by Royce Hall on August 11, 2020 | data management,software development,software project requirements

App design flows from business need This should seem obvious, but before we can jump into application development, we as software consultants have to start with an understanding of the business need and the processes we are trying to automate. For example, we've got a customer who has an on-site operations working on the pipes that go under our streets....

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Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

by Royce Hall on August 7, 2020 | data management

Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

Stabilizing PostgreSQL and SQLServer Data Migrations At a very high level our clients need to have their PostgreSQL and SQLServer databases updated without losing data. Let’s think through what thinks looks like with an example: our client wants to add a feature to track orders. To track the orders, we need to add a new data table to take the...

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CTO to Go: When Custom Software is Needed

by Royce Hall on July 6, 2020 | data management,software development

When do you need Custom Software? So I think of a business person, somebody who's not in software development an is not a technical person. These are generally smart people, they're using other types of software, they see what's possible. Maybe they're trying to use vendor tools already, but the tool just doesn't fit and they realize they really want...

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Azure Through the Eyes of a Drone

by Royce Hall on June 5, 2020 | Azure,data management,software development,technology,Tools

One of the coolest projects Level 12 has worked on has been utilizing autonomous drones to inspect wind turbines for damage and analyzing the pictures the drones take with machine learning. I did a brief write-up of this project here. There are all sorts of things to nerd out on: drones, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and automation....

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Custom Software Development Versus Commercial off the Shelf (COTS)

by Royce Hall on April 7, 2020 | data management,innovation,Payment Industry,software development,software project requirements,technology

Custom Software Needed

Custom Software Development or Off The Shelf? If you are undertaking a software project, you are probably asking yourself if you need to make or buy your solutions. In larger enterprises you may be thinking about implementing something as big as an ERP systems or CRM, or as small as a client intake form or web portal. You ask, is...

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Excel Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

by Biz Dev on March 14, 2017 | data management

excel hacks to boost your productivity

Do you use Excel to manage your data? If you are manually shifting data around, struggling to get the information you or are frustrated by scrolling through large datasets, these Excel hacks are for you. 1. Get Rid of Duplicates Whether you are planning a mailing, trying to segment a list for marketing purposes or simply want to make sure...

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