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Automated Testing: Why is it important?

by Royce Hall on January 17, 2020 | Louisville,Python,software development,software project requirements,technology

Have you been burnt by bad automated testing? When we go to software engineering conferences we often talk about the benefits of automated testing. As we've had private conversations with a lot of the people we often find that they have had really bad experiences with applications that have just had tests that were not a benefit. They honestly made...

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Why Level 12 uses Python, in one Tweet!

by Randy Syring on April 25, 2017 | Python

I sometimes struggle in business, as I try to lay out things like vision, mission, strategy, guiding principles, and the like.  But I don't struggle to justify why we so often reach for Python: it's just easy to get things done. You see, the reality with most software development, especially consulting based custom software development like Level 12 focuses on,...

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Prioritizing Our Tech Stack

by Elliot Cameron on April 13, 2016 | Python,software development,Tools

The technological landscape is vast and varied. Hundreds of programming languages each with thousands of tools, libraries, and services all compete for recognition. Most tech tools offer at least some legitimate benefit, so gazing at the metropolis of possibilities is often bewildering. As a tech company, how do we sort through the maelstrom and land on a good technology stack? The answer can...

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