The initial phase of custom software development projects is filled with lots of ideas from different people about the functionality and usability of the application.

For this example, let's assume the client believes they need a battle tank that can go 70 MPH, has a 120 mm smoothbore main gun, 50 cal machine gun, and missile countermeasure device.  

With our focus on Agile software development, we encourage starting with a simple skate to get the client moving towards the end objective.

Once things get moving with the skate, we gather feedback and move forward with the next iteration to quickly deliver a smooth riding skateboard.

As the pace quickens towards your goal, you are learning more about your new software and discovering how it can impact your business. With this increased clarity of the end goal, we are able to create the next iteration as a motorcycle. 

The next iteration zooms into production as the end goal is clearly in site.

In the beginning, the client thought they needed tank meeting their business objective, but what they really needed was a milk truck! 

Had we moved forward with building a complete tank, much time, money, and resources would have been wasted building the wrong thing! 

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