What is Agile Software Development?

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Ask ten developers what the term Agile software development means and you will likely get ten different answers.

Fundamentally, Agile software development is a series of 12 core principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto. These principles frame an iterative approach that delivers value-driven software to an organization. Over time different systems of Agile software development have been created including lean software development, Kanban, Scrum, and more.

At Level 12, we are advocates of the Agile approach to software development. We strive to bring the following Agile elements to every project to give it the highest chance of success.

Close Collaboration

Developing custom software is a big undertaking for any organization. A close working relationship built on effective communication and trust is essential for a successful software development project. We believe in the concept of radical candor as the basis for open, honest communication necessary to move a project from concept to implementation.

Value Driven

We don’t take on every project that comes our way. We work with our clients to determine true ROI and will explain when we don’t think a software solution will bring enough value.


Once we have a high-level understanding of a business model and the end goal of the software, we begin planning for success in the engineering phase of a project. During this period, our development team and project managers work closely with you to develop a comprehensive deliverable plan along with wireframes, mockups, and other project planning documents.  

Iterative Deliverables

Project velocity is a core agile tenant that is key to your success.  We develop in quick iterations to deliver working software at regular intervals. This approach allows you to work with the software in a live setting to assess it’s functionality and make adjustments as necessary before we deliver the next iteration. This flexible framework enables us to provide the software you need, even if it is different than what you thought you needed at the beginning of the project.

Integrated Testing

We build in multiple checks and balances via a suite of automated tests to ensure your custom software is functioning correctly. In many cases, we will know if there is an issue before you do.

There is much more to Agile software development! To learn more about Agile and Level 12, drop us a line or call 502.495.3936.

Originally published on 2017-01-05 by Biz Dev