What is Business Intelligence: Driving with Data

by Royce Hall on November 2, 2020 | Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence: Cartoon Dashboards

If I were to ask you, "what is Business Intelligence," what would you say? Maybe you would think of a CEO sitting in the corner office in a huge organization looking at complex charts and graphs. This person has a huge budget with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence....

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Small Business Analytics

by Royce Hall on October 15, 2020 | Business Intelligence

Let's democratize data. Data analysis used to be the realm of only the biggest businesses, but that does not need to be the case today. New small business analytics tools are emerging that allow even small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to harness the power of the vast amounts of data at our fingertips. Think about this - Apollo 11 landed...

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Level 12 Named Among Top Developers In Indiana by Clutch

by Biz Dev on September 25, 2020 | Louisville

In a world full of competitors, it can be difficult to identify an exceptional firm for your software development needs. At Level 12, we know that you just don’t need a company that is good with development, you also need a firm that can handle project management well! We provide you with more than just technical expertise to achieve your...

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Dev Talk: Click to Pay Product Development

by Royce Hall on September 10, 2020 | Payment Industry,software development

Dev Talk: Click to Pay

Standardizing transactions using Click to Pay (Dev Talk: Click to Pay Product Development comes from an interview Royce Hall with Level 12 developer Matt Lewellyn. You can hear the full interview below.)   The point of Click to Pay (aka Secure Remote Commerce) is that it wants to standardize, in a sense, the way that all of the card brands...

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Dev Talk: Python and Code Quality

by Royce Hall on | Python,software development,Testing

Dev Talk: Python and Code Quality

Code quality: automated testing helped uncover broken software (Dev Talk: Python and Code Quality comes from an interview Royce Hall with Level 12 developer Matthias Hager . You can hear the full interview below.)   Most of our projects here are green-field projects, meaning that we develop them from scratch ourselves; but, these last couple of opportunities that I've had were...

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3 Ways Python Makes Businesses Stronger

by Royce Hall on August 27, 2020 | data management,Python,technology

Python is one of the most in demand languages because it is easy to learn, fast to write with, extremely flexible, and well supported. With this language you can make basic scripts, build robust applications, and do deep learning with ML and AI. In our Python shop alone we have built an app to fly drones that feed data into...

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Dev Talk: Product Design and Javascript

by Royce Hall on August 11, 2020 | data management,software development,software project requirements

App design flows from business need This should seem obvious, but before we can jump into application development, we as software consultants have to start with an understanding of the business need and the processes we are trying to automate. For example, we've got a customer who has an on-site operations working on the pipes that go under our streets....

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Powering Up Salesforce with a Custom Domain Monitoring App

by Royce Hall on August 7, 2020 | software development,technology

Hot Salesforce Leads Our client, Agari, protects organizations against phishing, business email compromise (BEC) scams and other advanced email threats using predictive AI informed by global intelligence from around 2 trillion emails annually. Agari approached us because they needed help identifying when their prospects needed their services and were ready to buy. They had tried feeding their sales team with...

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Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

by Royce Hall on | data management

Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

Stabilizing PostgreSQL and SQLServer Data Migrations At a very high level our clients need to have their PostgreSQL and SQLServer databases updated without losing data. Let’s think through what thinks looks like with an example: our client wants to add a feature to track orders. To track the orders, we need to add a new data table to take the...

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CTO to Go: Measuring Productivity

by Royce Hall on July 29, 2020 | software development

CTO to Go: Measuring Developer Productivity

Measuring developer productivity is like measuring art So how you measure productivity in software developers? I think the industry has pretty resoundingly pretty resoundingly answered that. You can't. At least not with the type of metrics that I think most business people would like. We would all like hard metrics, right? It's not lines of code delivered per week. It's...

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Dev Talk: Azure Cloud Infrastructure

by Royce Hall on July 23, 2020 | Azure,software development,technology

Cloud Scaling Process

Machine Learning Use Case Tech: Azure, Nomad, Consul, Linux/Ubuntu, Terraform We are developing a platform with a client that ingests photographs into a Machine Learning application for analysis. One of the difficulties we faced was a question of variable scalability - the workload is, by nature, going to be “bursty”. It might have 100 jobs to process all at once,...

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CTO to Go: Moving to the Cloud

by Royce Hall on July 13, 2020 | Azure,software development,technology,Tools

Benefits of the Cloud I thhink the reason the cloud has become an important thing is because managing your own infrastructure (your hardware, your network, your data center) are all very complex and difficult. It used to be that if you were a company that was big enough to need that type of stuff, you had no choice but to...

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CTO to Go: When Custom Software is Needed

by Royce Hall on July 6, 2020 | data management,software development

When do you need Custom Software? So I think of a business person, somebody who's not in software development an is not a technical person. These are generally smart people, they're using other types of software, they see what's possible. Maybe they're trying to use vendor tools already, but the tool just doesn't fit and they realize they really want...

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Pillars of Level 12: Client Empathy

by Royce Hall on | culture,software development

Software Development is a Fundamentally a Discovery Process Normally, the people that were interacting with as a software consultancy shop don't know a lot about software development, so we have to start by exploring their project scope and budget. Typically our clients have a general understanding of the problem to be solved, but not see the 5-10 different ways of...

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Level 12 Supports Small Businesses During COVID 19 Pandemic in Indiana and Across America

by Biz Dev on | Uncategorized

Here at Level 12, we’re committed to providing IT solutions for your business! We work with businesses of all sizes and primarily focus on midmarket and enterprise clients, but today we want to praise small businesses, especially in our home state of Indiana! Indiana is driven by small businesses! In recent years, the Small Business Administration found that small businesses...

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Finding and Hiring Gifted Developers

by Royce Hall on June 8, 2020 | small business

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

Gifting in context I have from the very beginning tried to build Level 12 on people who are just really gifted. That's the word I like to use. I think some people can do software development, who are not on the far end of the gifted spectrum, and they're able to make their way through. But at Level 12, we're...

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There’s an app for that, 3 in fact

by Royce Hall on | software development,technology

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

Web app versus mobile apps Let's look at the example of Gmail. Gmail has a web app that you can use on your desktop browser, in which case, it's a big application. It also has a web app you can use on your mobile browser and is tailored to the smaller screen. But then Gmail also has native mobile applications...

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Azure Through the Eyes of a Drone

by Royce Hall on June 5, 2020 | Azure,data management,software development,technology,Tools

One of the coolest projects Level 12 has worked on has been utilizing autonomous drones to inspect wind turbines for damage and analyzing the pictures the drones take with machine learning. I did a brief write-up of this project here. There are all sorts of things to nerd out on: drones, Machine Learning, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and automation....

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A More Agile Agile Webinar: Implementing Agile Development Principles

by Royce Hall on April 14, 2020 | software development,software project requirements,technology

Practicing Agile Development Principles (without being tied to one methodology)  Tim Hickle: So thank you all for joining us today. I'm really excited to have this conversation. Randy and his team at level 12 have been amazing partners for us here at Woven. And something that through the content webinars we've done in the past, I've gotten a lot...

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Custom Software Development Versus Commercial off the Shelf (COTS)

by Royce Hall on April 7, 2020 | data management,innovation,Payment Industry,software development,software project requirements,technology

Custom Software Needed

Custom Software Development or Off The Shelf? If you are undertaking a software project, you are probably asking yourself if you need to make or buy your solutions. In larger enterprises you may be thinking about implementing something as big as an ERP systems or CRM, or as small as a client intake form or web portal. You ask, is...

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