Our Approach to Software Development

Principled People. Software That Works.

We develop software iteratively

  • We start with your essential priorities - what is the shortest route to production software that provides ROI for your business?
  • We work top down until we have broken down the project into actionable, manageable tasks
  • Every two weeks we examine our progress and re-evaluate our priorities (which is to say, your priorities)
  • We estimate the effort required for each task, and continually refine our estimation process
  • Each task we work on is tied into the overall project planning goals

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We put our clients first

The integrity and trust we have earned with our clients is the primary reason we have continued to thrive as a business for over a decade.

  • You will be assigned a Project Advocate whose responsibility it is to ensure we are building software that provides value to your business
  • We don't simply write code, we consider how the code we are writing plays into the larger picture from both a development and business perspective
  • We enable you to be as involved (or as hands-off) during the development process as you would like
  • We have scheduled sprint update calls with each active client (every 2 weeks)

We are equal part developer and consultant.

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Out of the box solutions force you into their workflow, while custom software fits the workflow you design Learn more about the type of work we perform