API Integration & Development

APIs are the lingua franca of the web. (Yes, we are leaning intemperately on our thesaurus today.) They allow otherwise separate systems to communicate and share data. Many popular software tools allow API access, giving you the opportunity to pull data from one source and populate it into a different tool.

Pull data from an API into your system

In addition to the multitude of open, publicly accessible APIs, many software applications that your business is already using provide interfaces for extracting and manipulating your data. We can help you

  • pull data from one system into an existing internal platform or reporting tool.
  • build custom software that can regularly pull and process data from an API and present it in a user friendly way.
  • provide a custom UI for interfacing with a third party service.

Connect multiple APIs

While many software services provide an API, it is rarer that two separate systems are able to fully, bi-directionally communicate with one another. We can build a middleware layer that pulls data from one system, processes it into a format for another system, and calls that API to receive the data. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

Develop your own API

If you have your own data source or custom software, you might benefit from an API that exposes particular data points or actions to your users. We can assist in building intelligent, easy to use APIs with proper access control.

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)