Python Development

Automate Complex, Time-Intensive Tasks

Moleliminator was spending hours each day tediously cross referencing zip codes to work requests, and copy-pasting addresses into an external map just to schedule their work routes for their agents. The software we built for them allows them to visually see the work requests on a map so they can quickly build their routes each day with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Screenshot of RedEApp

CTO Consulting

RedEApp needed assistance scaling up their Agile team and SaaS platform to support new clients such as Tesla. We trained their engineers on Agile principles, and helped guide the architecture and development of the project to success.

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Designing and Building a Project Reporting App

Our client works on something we all use but almost never see - the pipelines beneath our roads. We are helping them overhaul their text-based workflow with a React app that will allow them to document their progress and generate attractive work reports for their clients. This will save their managers hours every week and let them get back to managing.

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Salesforce Integration for Agari

Agari protects organizations against phishing, business email compromise (BEC) scams and other advanced email threats using predictive AI informed by global intelligence from around 2 trillion emails annually. We built an app that monitors DNS records on potential clients and feeds hot leads into Salesforce.

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