60/6K Low Risk Guarantee

What is the 60/6K Low Risk Guarantee?

  • Sign-up to work with us on a time & materials basis on your software or data project.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the value we bring to you and/or the progress we make on your project, you can cancel the contract and request a complete refund of any funds paid.
  • The request to cancel must occur within the first 60 days or 100 billable hours (6K minutes) of the contract, whichever comes first.

Is there a catch?

  • No. If you are not satisfied, you can receive up to a 50% refund, for any or no reason, no questions asked. We will cancel the project immediately upon receiving your request and issue the refund within five working days.
  • In order to receive more than a 50% refund, your request must be based on our failure to perform adequately and you should be willing to meet with one of our executives at least once to see if a more constructive remedy can be arranged.

Can I keep the work product?

  • Up to a 50% refund, you may keep the work product.
  • Greater than a 50% refund, we are assuming you believe the project is a failure and has no value. Accordingly, you would be giving up rights to the work product.

Why should I be interested?

  • In our experience, most customers hesitate to proceed on software projects due to the risk of failure and/or fear that they may not be choosing the correct partner.
  • We have also seen those hesitations and fears dissipate rapidly once a customer actually starts working with us. Our responsiveness and engineering excellence quickly reveal that the customer has made a good decision.
  • Mindful of the above, we want to make the decision to work with us easier by: reducing the financial risk associated with choosing us as your partner reducing the timeline risk to your project associated with delaying the decision to choose a partner.
  • It’s often difficult for prospective customers to understand just how much more productive we are than many other development shops out there. But, once they have worked with us and experienced the difference, they know they would never want to work on a software project any other way. The 60/6K No Risk Offer gives you the ability to see and experience the value and quality we bring to the table, with very little risk.

How will this speed up my project?

  • In our experience, it usually takes a customer weeks to find a partner. There are usually a few meetings to get to know each other and efforts to try and get enough information to give a rough estimate.
  • Often, there is then an engineering phase, to get a more accurate estimate of time to complete a project.
  • Our hope is that this offer allows us to start working today on the spec that will be delivered to our engineers who can then get started on the development work. This puts us weeks or months ahead of schedule compared to what we often see.

Who is eligible?

  • New customers who sign a contract with us.
  • There is no project size limit; the offer is valid for small and large projects alike.