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Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning

An ML startup developing an autonomous wind turbine inspection platform needed to manage training data, package versioned models for production, and move containerized packages to workhorse machines. We provided end to end expertise in automating and managing all aspects of their ML pipeline in the Azure ecosystem.

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An autonomous drone
Screenshot of a SaaS application

Single Page SaaS Application (SPA) Built with React & Python

Our client wanted a modern SaaS app servicing the natural resources industry that would calculate the residuals land owners can expect from their property. We designed, architected, and built a single page application (SPA) powered by React that provides a user friendly visual earnings report.

CTO Consulting

RedEApp needed assistance scaling up their Agile team and SaaS platform to support new clients such as Tesla. We trained their engineers on Agile principles, and helped guide the architecture and development of the project to success.

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Off-the-shelf solutions and one-size-fits all platforms force you to work their way. We build custom software workflows that operate the way you need them to. From CRMs to ERPs to APIs - you name the acronym, we've probably built it. Most of our work fits into the satisfyingly broad categories of data, workflow, and integration.

Trusted Partnerships

We serve companies large and small with unique software needs.

Trusted Partnerships

How Can Custom Software Development Help Your Business?

We help companies manage and gain actionable insight from their data automatically, with expert-crafted, flexible software solutions.

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Dale Jones

"Working very closely with the team at Level 12 over the past 6 years has been outstanding. The disciplines they incorporate in the process of software development have produced consistent results for our company."

Dale Jones - CTO, Payment Alliance International

Principles Driven Development

Everything we do at Level 12 is guided by our founding principles. This isn't just a mission statement that we throw on a brochure and never think about again.

Our values permeate everything we do. They define our sales process. They are the backbone of our development process. And they are at the root of how we treat our partners.

Level 12 Values

Continual improvement
Building software the right way
Value First
Tangible benefit for our partners
Flexible Solutions
Built for now, designed for later
Delivering with clarity
Our partnerships are our strength

The Level 12 Team

Level 12 was founded in 2011 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In the 10 years since, we have designed, developed, and executed custom software solutions for organizations small and large in many different industries. Our team is based entirely in the United States. There are no redshirts here.

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The Level 12 Team

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Our clients range from a tech-savvy local pest control company, to a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporation that invites us to their annual golf tournament (and we have the trophy to prove it).

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