Reliable Software Relies on Test Driven Development

Averaging 92+% Code Coverage Across All Projects

We build software for the future

As part of our commitment to quality code, we build dependable software that our clients can rely on for years to come. Many software companies will compromise code quality for the sake of development speed, resulting in a product that is error-prone, that does not solve the underlying business need, and that will need to be replaced in short order. TDD automates manual code testing, makes discovering and fixing bugs easier, and helps ensure we cover all expected use cases. The result is more reliable product with fewer bugs and solid architecture for many years to come. We build for the future.

We build software that is extensible

In reality, software is rarely finished. Business requirements change, workflows adapt, and companies grow into new challenges. Your software must grow with you. By following Test-Driven Development practices, your software will have an extensive automated testing suite that makes building new features quick, knowing that if an update breaks existing code, we can identify these problems and fix them BEFORE the software ever gets to production, instead of encountering them on a live system. Poorly structured code may be cheap to develop up front, but it is a nightmare to build upon!

We build quickly

Everyone wants to develop at warp 9. We have to get to market immediately! TDD helps us code quickly in complex projects, and ensures that we can maintain warp 9 for the life of the product. When code bases start to get large, it is impossible for any one person to fit the entire project in their head. Without automated tests, if something breaks in the process of building new functionality, you may not realize it until you have a critical error bringing down the entire system at an important time, and developers have to manually sift through thousands of lines of code to figure out what went wrong. You are moving at warp 1. Automated tests help us understand where the bug exists in the system and why it occurred, so we can fix it quickly and keep moving at maximum velocity.

We build (mostly) bug free

It is impossible to build completely bug free software. Even if your code was 100% perfect, someone else’s technology that your software depends on will change tomorrow and will give you an error. Test Driven Development allows us to catch bugs early, often before any user or client witnesses an error. TDD helps us stay ahead of the bug catching game, and maintain a (mostly) bug free code base.