Custom Software Development

Solving unique business problems with web and app development

Our team of developers have an average of 12 years of professional software development experience in a multitude of industries and technologies. We pride ourselves on the breadth of our knowledge and experience in all facets of custom software development, while specializing in solving business problems in a few critical areas.

Diagram of services we perform

We build SaaS applications

You have found the development team you need to bring your Software as a Service application to life. We'll help you hone in on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that fits within a timeline and budget that enables you to rapidly get to market.

Work with trusted, proven technologies like Python, Django, and React. Deploy to traditional servers or a scalable cloud architecture like AWS or Azure depending on the project requirements.

We build internal software systems

Off the shelf software solutions are great for most companies, but they begin to break down once you need some additional flexibility or the capability of bringing data in from other sources. We build custom software that can replace or enhance your existing system, or bridge the data gap between disconnected software.

Quality Code == Quality Products

Our passionate commitment to high quality, highly tested code helps guarantee that your project is capable, functional, and delivered on time and within budget.

We build scalable software on modern architectures

A client involved in green energy needed a complex software stack that involved flight management for autonomous drones, image processing, machine learning, and a web application connecting it all. Due to the nature of the work, the system requirements would be bursty - it might go days without any data to process, and then receive the payload from dozens of drone flights all at once.

The system we designed automatically scales the infrastructure up or down depending on the current work load, ensuring the client receives timely results while avoiding the high costs involved in running idle machines.

Using tools like Terraform, Nomad, and Ansible, we can build your cloud infrastructure with scalability in mind.

We are software developers

(with a focus on Python)

We love Python for how easy it makes it to just Get Stuff Done. Python isn’t the answer for every type of programming problem, no language is. But for the back-end on business-focused applications, it’s pretty hard to beat the productivity it brings to our development team.

We are experts at data management

At some point we realized that - much like Season 6 of TNG - nearly every problem we are solving for our clients revolves around data.

  • Web applications push and pull data from a database and presents it in a different way to the user.
  • Reporting is about combining the correct data to pull out valuable insights.
  • APIs shunt data from one source to another.
  • Even Star Trek: Picard somehow manages to be about Data.

We can help your business tap into data in unique and compelling ways.

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)