CTO as a Service

Managing data and IT fractionally

Don’t have a CTO? Then use ours! With our CTO as a Service option we help founders and CEOs evaluate and leverage their IT assets for exponential growth. Not every business is ready for a full time CTO though, so we offer ours to help you make the right technical decision and lay the foundation for the next generation of growth in your business.

Data Analytics

One of the key functions of any CTO is to pull together the multiple streams of data coming into your company and provide powerful, business-guiding reports. We will help you understand the KPIs that affect your business and will build dashboards and reports to help you pull valuable information from your data quickly and in budget. Our systems are designed with the end user in mind (not software developers) so anyone in your organization can easily learn to generate the reports and data visualizations your company needs

IT Team Development

If you are going to have a successful IT team, there are two key elements you have to master:

  • Agile project management
  • Hiring the 10x developer.

Project management in IT is different than typical project management because it is very discovery oriented. Business needs change and evolve in the course of development and so does the scope. We can teach your team how to be truly Agile, to move a project forward assuming change, and deliver results early and often. Beyond having the right management style, you also need the right personnel. We will help you find the developers that are 10x better than the average developer. Hiring “gifted” people will allow you to build faster, make creative solutions, and truly unleash the power of software in your business.

Infrastructure Evaluation

Are you paying too much for your data management? Do you want to move your software assets to the cloud, and if so, which one is the best? Are your databases set up correctly to allow quick, powerful data reporting and visualization? These are all questions that our skilled CTO will help you answer. We are dedicated to open source development and are not vendors of any particular solution. We only care about the solution that is best for your particular needs.

Code Review

As your company has grown you have probably developed custom software products and integrations. These assets can greatly accelerate your business, but they often contain “technical debt.” Much like deferred maintenance with physical assets, your software assets need to be reviewed and maintained, especially if they were not built with automated tests. Our CTO can review your software and make a guide for moving your code from the liability to the asset column.

Greenfield Software Development

If you are thinking about undertaking a new software project, this is a great time to get a second opinion. Before you build a house, you have an architect draw up the plans and scrutinize every square inch of the blueprint. We have to do the same thing when architecting a new software product. If this product is going to help you grow, you need to plan for the software and infrastructure to grow and scale with you. You also need plan for testing your expanding code base so you don’t create additional technical debt and can easily grow your platform (automated testing FTW

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)