Business Intelligence

Powerful user-friendly data visualizations

KPI, CAC, CLV, LTV, and many other three letter acronyms all boil down to one thing – getting actionable insight from your data to help make more money. These three letter acronyms unleash powerful insights, but working with the data to produce them can have you using four letter words instead. We can help you build cost effective BI tools that are powerful and easy to use.

From Excel to Excelling

In rapidly growing companies you often have a person, or a few people that are Excel wizards. Back in the early days of your company you had to be lean and build your BI using Excel and pivot tables, but at a certain point you meet the limitations of Excel. Maybe it is pruning off zeros that you need, takes too much managerial time to work with, or too easy to delete the data you need. If you are in this position, it may be time to build a database driven app that will automate your data handling and serve up custom reports with the click of a button. Let the bot handle number crunching!

Rapid BI

If you are in a rapidly growing small or medium sized business but don't have an IT team, this service is for you. We help business leaders unlock the power of their data by integrating existing data sources with low cost, intuitive Business Intelligence solutions for a fraction of the cost associated with enterprise BI tools. From setting up your database and building your first reports to monthly upkeep and troubleshooting, we can be the analytics team your company needs to become truly data driven.

Enterprise BI Acceleration

Already using PowerBI, Qlik, AWS? We can help you manage your data pipeline so you get clean data going in and can build your dashboards faster. You don’t need to know the difference between a database, data warehouses, and data analytics tables, we can manage these for you.

Data Analytics

A lot of our three letter acronyms don’t require a PhD data analyst to understand (although there is a lot of cutting edge data innovation happening these days). You likely have a good idea of the data points you want to see, you just need someone to help you figure out how to get that from your data sets and build visualizations to tell the story of your company’s performance.

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)