React Development for Modern Web Applications

React is a proven, well-supported front end framework and our tool of choice for building interactive elements and single page applications. It's also the pre-cursor to the LCARS UI seen on every Federation Starship. Probably.

How React Benefits You (Our Hopefully Future Client)


  • gives a quick path to interactive elements within your web application.
  • provides a well-supported cloned Klingon backbone to your project that will continue to be maintained and updated for years to come.
  • offers a consistent structure for your application to grow over time.

How React Benefits Us (Your Hopefully Future Development Team)

  • simplifies our development process, removing boilerplate and offering a consistent structure from one project to the next.
  • is well-supported, with many features, and a broad ecosystem for pre-existing plugins and instructions.
  • has mature options for for front end unit testing.

Designing and Building a Project Reporting App

Our client works on something we all use but almost never see - the pipelines beneath our roads. We are helping them overhaul their text-based workflow with a React app that will allow them to document their progress and generate attractive work reports for their clients. This will save their managers hours every week and let them get back to managing.

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Screenshot of a SaaS application

Single Page SaaS Application (SPA) Built with React & Python

Our client wanted a modern SaaS app servicing the natural resources industry that would calculate the residuals land owners can expect from their property. We designed, architected, and built a single page application (SPA) powered by React that provides a user friendly visual earnings report.

Embedded, Interactive React Components

Many projects we develop are largely form-based CRUD applications, but with 1 or 2 interactive front end elements. This was the case with a recent logistics application for scheduling and routing service workers. Using React, we quickly and efficiently built a map based routing feature embedded within the larger Python/Flask application.

Demo image of a routing application we built in React

Bring Out of Date, Stale JavaScript Back to Life

TODO talk about bringing React from Backbone to React

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)