Processing power on demand and in budget

There is a joke in the IT world that the cloud is really just someone else’s computer. These days, to get the power you need to run your IT department, you don’t have to go out and buy additional servers and racks for your closet. You can simply rent additional space on someone else’s server in the cloud. This gives you the opportunity to limitlessly scale your processing power, and to save money by scaling back on servers when you don’t need the extra power.

Scalable Power

Whether you are using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Linode (Linux), or any other cloud, we can help you automate the scaling of your infrastructure. Using Terraform we can design a system of rules that will automatically spin up additional servers for you during times of peak activity. You won’t need to have a programmer jump in and add additional resources to your account during your crunch time, it will be handled automatically and seamlessly for you.

Budget friendly

When you use the cloud, you don’t have to go out and buy a new server when you need additional power, and you don’t have to pay developers to maintain the server even though it is not being used. Just as we automatically scale for additional power, we can automatically spin down servers you don’t need. The end result is you only pay for what you need while avoiding most of the up-front costs associated with building out your infrastructure.

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