Increasing human productivity

Are you doing things that a bot should be doing for you? If you are routinely doing a data heavy, repetitive task, then you should consider delegating your work to a bot.

Robotic Process Automation

When people hear the work “robotic” their mind typically goes towards something like Data, the android from Star Trek, but in reality it has more to do with data on an Android (or Mac). RPA is about having a software application on a computer handle data intense work for you. Offloading repetitive tasks such as client/vendor/employee onboarding, data entry and reporting, CRM updating, or complex calculations lets humans get back to what we do well – being creative.


Business processes are not the only target for automation, infrastructure scaling can be automated as well. With modern tools such as Terraform we are able to set rules that automatically spin up or down more servers to give you power when you need it and conserve budget when you don’t need the extra server space.


Tired of building the same manual report over and over again day after day and month after month? We can help you automate the collection of your data and data reporting with real time dashboards and visualizations. We can help you build the databases, data warehouses, ETL pipelines, and APIs you need to create a seamless, automated analytics system. Armed with the right information in a timely manner, business leaders can make better choices faster.

IoT Monitoring

Just about everything can have Internet of Things integration, from the production machine in a manufacturing warehouse to the light switch in your home that you can control from a phone app. With such devices we are able to extract all sorts of data automatically – uptime/downtime monitoring, predictive maintenance, usage monitoring, real-time production reporting. IoT Integration allows us to automate error reporting and production analysis in real time so business leaders can catch problems and make appropriate adjustments immediately.

Document Digitization

Where is your company producing the most amount of paper? Maybe it is a client onboarding form, or a employee training form, or some other sort of form. These are a great place to start your automation journey (and whoever handles these forms will sing your praises). Instead of copying one form several times so every department can have a copy, we can make an app that will collect the information for you and automatically send the relevant data to whomever needs it. The person filling out the form only fills it out once, and you never have to touch it. No more manilla folders or shred boxes!

Reach out to us to discuss your complex deployment needs (or to chat about Star Trek)