Iterative Software Development

An Iterative Approach to Software Development

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, we take an iterative and collaborative approach to working with our customers.

We listen first. No sales goals, no marketing tactics, we really want to help our customers accomplish their goals. The first step in that process is to listen to what they have in mind.

We help plan. Most of our customers have organizational goals but are not exactly sure how technology fits into the picture. So, the second step is to assist in refining said goals in light of possible technology solutions and budget requirements.

We get detailed. For larger projects, we take the time to put together a detailed scope of the project. This often results in further clarity of the organizational goals, facilitates “vision transfer,” and helps identify unspoken assumptions on both sides.

There is a tendency in our industry to short-change this aspect of the planning process. It can sometimes be tedious and who wants to spend all that time writing things down. The “Just build it already!” mentality often dominates the planning process. However, we have found that due-diligence during this phase often saves development & implementation time/expense during the testing and evaluation phase of the project. It’s a lot easier to change ideas on paper than to re-configure or re-code.

We get going… coding & implementing the solution.

We, along with the customer, test and evaluate the implementation to make sure it conforms to the project scope, making adjustments as needed.

We finalize the project, after approval from the customer, by making it ready for production use.

We maintain and refine the project as issues and/or needs are identified.