PostgreSQL Development

1 Billion Rows of Analytics Data

A horse racing startup needed to run reports and analysis on the data they were collecting from various API sources. We setup a complete ETL infrastructure, including data warehousing built with PostgreSQL and AWS, allowing them to quickly query and pull the business insights they need.

Screenshot of a database query
Screenshot of a PostgreSQL database

Data at the Core of All Our Development

In some shape or form nearly every development project we undertake revolves around data. We depend on PostgreSQL for our database storage for most projects, and SQLAlchemy for interfacing with our Python applications.

Postgres and SQLServer Data Migrations

How do you manage the accuracy of data migrations with a code base of 200k + lines? We made a robust set of automatic tests on the migration itself for our client that alerts us to any issues immediately and automatically. Our test suite reduced the manual testing workload and increased the accuracy of data in our databases.

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Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

Racing with Terraform and AWS

Racing is big in Kentucky. Whether you are into NASCAR or horse racing, KY can accommodate. One project we are working on cashes in on this sector with a data driven wagering tool using PostgreSQL, AWS, and Terraform.

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