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Logistics App Rebuild

Recently we had a client who we built a logistics app for comment that,

"since you all have done such a great job with the software we have come to trust that nothing will magically disappear."

At first this sounds like the faintest of praise, but because their previous logistics app was written in a way that didn't follow best practices with its database or its UI, information would sometimes literally just disappear from the system.

Our client is in the service industry and made scheduled house calls to control moles (the vermin in your yard), but their software would lose records of visits that they made with the results that they were unable to bill work. Customers would then call 3 weeks later wondering why nobody came back to get the traps they set that now lay in their yard with dead moles in them.

The software didn't work, and more than that, it was losing them time and money. They lost opportunities to bill labor and fulfill orders and spent extra time every day working around the billing complications.

In this video, Royce Hall and Matthias Hager discuss how we rebuilt our client's logistics app to solve the issue of their data "magically disappearing."

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Originally published on 2020-12-23 by Royce Hall

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