Our Development Mission Statement

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We ask a lot of our developers and they know how to deliver. It’s not easy to describe everything that is needed in order to develop high quality software that isn’t prohibitively expensive for the typical business. But our development team put their heads together and came up with the following Mission Statement to guide the development team at a high level:

Mission Statement

We are a highly competent yet ever improving team of talented software developers who are committed to producing excellent software and to fostering an environment of collaboration and trust.

The Goal

Productivity: the production of highly usable software that solves the customer’s real problem with the best ROI we can give them.

Guiding Principles

  • Vision transfer: vision transfer is absolutely vital to everything we do.
  • Agility: use an iterative/agile development model
    • develop processes to ensure vision transfer
    • get customer feedback frequently
  • Usability: software should be easy / simple / intuitive for the user
  • Testability: test the heck out of at least 80% of everything (test all the things!)
  • Toolability:
    • when a tool is really needed, use the best tool available
    • know well the tools that are already available
  • Enjoyability: have fun doing all of the above
  • Accessibility: our development team should
    • be easily connected to the customer when needed
    • have a friendly, warm, and competent disposition that makes it easy for trust and confidence to develop
  • Stability:
    • avoid hype and distractions associated with the-new-best-thing
    • adopt new trends only when confidence is high that real value will be added and the churn of change is worth it.
  • Architectability: great coding can never make up for poor software design, take the time to get the design right before jumping into coding.

Originally published on 2017-04-07 by Randy Syring