Engineering Phase: Planning a MS Access App Overhaul

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MS Access Update

We engage with a client a number of months ago that is a relatively large company.

They had a Microsoft Access Program that was at the core of a really important business process for them. It touched a number of different departments and helped automate and guide this process to make sure that they weren't losing or forgetting things along the way.

It was functional for them. It was it's really important. They like that it's there.

But they also realized that there was just a lot of inefficiency in it and the user interface wasn't very good.

Engineering Phase: Architecting the Solution

First we got a sense for what the application was going to be and what it needed. And it was really complex. There's a lot of pieces moving.

So we did a couple of technical review calls.

We also flew down to Florida and visited them as we go get their process and met with them and just continued to learn. There was more complexity and more complexity and more complexity, and it just continued to come out.

They had a problem that we could solve, but in order to present the solution for that we were going to have to do our due diligence. And we did.

We created a number of wireframe mock ups, and a number of documents that help outlined their process, I think maybe in a way that they hadn't even done to that point. We outlined the process for educational purposes to help them understand what a good software solution would look like for their particular project.

(If you are considering a software project, here are a few questions to think through).

Value Add: Shovel Ready for Any Company

They can take that and they can compare other development shops and see our other development shops doing what level 12 did and that that can at least serve as a baseline.

If we move forward Level 12 has already invested a lot of time and understanding their particular process. We have a shovel ready project that from Level 12's perspective we would not need a bunch more meetings as we already understand what we want it to do.

This was a great I think learning opportunity for our client and it allowed us to share some of our wisdom by digging into their to their potential project.

This project demonstrated our commitment to client empathy and and to value that was very valuable to them even if that didn't ultimately end up turning into a project for Level 12.

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Originally published on 2020-06-22 by Royce Hall

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