Level 12 Supports Small Businesses During COVID 19 Pandemic in Indiana and Across America

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Here at Level 12, we’re committed to providing IT solutions for your business! We work with businesses of all sizes and primarily focus on midmarket and enterprise clients, but today we want to praise small businesses, especially in our home state of Indiana!

Indiana is driven by small businesses! In recent years, the Small Business Administration found that small businesses make up 99.4% of all Indiana Businesses and employ over 1.2 million Indianans! Furthermore, mom and pop shops are more of a cornerstone of Indiana than any of our neighboring states. We’re incredibly proud of small businesses, although we know that they are currently hurting as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown.

Here at Level 12, we’ve been working with small businesses from across Indiana and America to help them with custom software development, web development, IT strategy consulting, and more so that they can emerge from this lock down stronger than ever. We’re proud of our small businesses, and can’t wait to see them succeed again.

One way that you can support your favorite local small businesses is to leave them an online rating or review! If you love your hairdresser, leave her a review on Yelp! Are you a fan of a restaurant down the street? Praise it on TripAdvisor! If you love your B2B service provider, review them on The Manifest!

The Manifest is the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews. Providing independently verified reviews from clients around the world, The Manifest helps companies build reputations and showcases the best companies and leaders to find the best B2B services to fit your needs.

We’re honored to be one of Indiana’s top B2B service providers. In a recent review, the Captive & Project Manager for MCM CPAs & Advisors praised our web enhancements that we performed for their CPA Firm, calling our team out for special recognition for being knowledgeable and communicative.

“They were knowledgeable and able to provide ‘outside-the-box’ website solutions that were cost-effective.” – the Captive & Project Manager for MCM CPAs & Advisors

We’re incredibly grateful to our staff, our clients, and small businesses around the world! If you’re interested in joining our legions of satisfied customers, please reach out to us as soon as possible to see how we can help you and your business!

Originally published on 2020-07-06 by Biz Dev