Our Hiring Process

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There are lots of people who call themselves developers or say they can write code. Like any other endeavor, capabilities range from the elite to those who should look for something else to do.

Just because a person says they can code doesn’t mean he or she can.

According to Peopleware, the best developers are up to 28 times more productive than mediocre developers. That’s a huge performance gap.

Writing quality code is a unique skill set that requires a high degree of problem-solving, analytical thinking, organization, and grit.

Our focus is on crafting software that works. We can only do that if we have the right team in place.

We go to great lengths to hire the best senior developers. Our hiring process is rigorous and thorough.

  1. Evaluate résumé and initial email correspondence
  2. 30-60 minute phone interview with Randy, our Chief Executive Developer
  3. Programming skills test that includes real-world problems our developers may face
  4. Skills test review and discussion
  5. Contact references & run personality and behavioral assessments
  6. 2nd and possibly 3rd interview (at least one of which will be in-person)
  7. Verbal offer and discussion
  8. Written offer

It all starts with the job description. Each job description is very detailed and gives precise instructions about how to apply for a job. An applicant will not be considered for the job if these details are overlooked.

Ruthless? Yep. Our hiring process is designed to build a productive team of developers who can understand our client’s complex business problems and solve them with a high level of skill and expertise.

The capstone of the interview process is the skills test. This test usually takes about 8 hours to complete and tests a developer’s chops in multiple areas. We understand this test is a significant time commitment, and we want to be respectful of our candidates’ time. As a result, we pay the people who are given the opportunity to take the skills test. This action gives candidates and others a peek at how much we value work-life balance.

Passing the skills test is not enough. At Level 12 character comes first. The following list outlines the character traits we are searching for. Integrity is at the very top of the list.

  • Integrity: honest, trustworthy, reliable, ethical. We have high moral standards, and we expect our employees to share those standards. If you use pirated software or media, don’t mind “tweaking” the truth, or think `porn == entertainment`, this is not the job for you!
  • Good work ethic: you work hard and like to work hard. You also work efficiently, seeking to make the best use of your time.
  • Dedicated: you really desire to contribute to and improve our company; you are not just earning a paycheck. You demonstrate a high level of “ownership” for and initiative with projects that are assigned to you.
  • Teachable: you have a willingness and desire for feedback/correction. You are always looking to improve. You are willing to ask for help even if it makes you “look bad.”
  • Resourceful: you know how to solve problems or are at least able to explain that the problem is not solvable with the requirements given. You use all resources at your disposal in an efficient manner to troubleshoot. You know when to ask someone for help and when more effort is needed on your part.
  • Technical Prowess: you just “get” programming, computers, technology. The thought of solving a problem in an entirely new programming language, one you have never even heard of before, excites you.
  • Technical Diversity: while we all have our preferences when it comes to programming languages or operating systems, you should be willing to work with anything, in any language, if that’s what it takes to get the job done. If you are easily lead into a “______ rocks, everything else sucks” mentality, this isn’t the job for you.
  • Flexible: we are small, things change. You should be able to “roll with the punches.”
  • Professional: at the end of the day, you like what you do, you take your job seriously, you do it extremely well, and you pay attention to the details!

It’s a big accomplishment for a developer to get hired at Level 12! The applicant has passed stringent evaluations and is a good fit for our culture.

Originally published on 2017-05-10 by Biz Dev