Spring Zing ’17

One of our core values at Level 12 is work-life balance. In keeping with this value, events are hosted throughout the year to bring our team members and their families together outside of work.

The Spring Zing ’17 family event was a lot of fun for everyone.

The event started with a rendezvous at Malibu Jack’s. We played miniature golf, video games, climbed around the jungle gym, battled it out in laser tag, raced go-karts, and more!

We even found out who has the strongest punch at Level 12! Any guesses on who that might be? Ask in the comment section, and we will reveal the winner.

spring zing 17

After a few hours of fun, everyone headed over to Coals Artisan Pizza in Middletown. We had a feast of delectable appetizers and artisan pizza. The entire staff at Coals did a fantastic job making sure that our large group of adults and children had an enjoyable experience.

The best part about Spring Zing 17 wasn’t the fun, games, and great food – it was spending time with an amazing group of people.

We are blessed to have top-tier talent at Level 12 with wonderful families who support them.


Written by Biz Dev
Posted on: May 24, 2017 | Last Update: March 28, 2019