Barber Shop Website & Facebook Integration

A Level 12 Case Study

The Challenge

Our friend Brandon Hill needed an easy way to promote his barber shop and communicate with his customers.

He was already using Facebook for this purpose, but felt that a web presence would be to his advantage. He didn't have a budget for the project, but he was offering free haircuts, so we didn't let that stand in the way.

He insisted that the site have a very retro feel to it and that we capture his sense of humor.

The Solution

Our designer quickly produced the graphics for the site and we took that design and turned into a single-page mobile-friendly website. We then put the site up on our servers (which are grossly overpowered for this application) and the site was live.

We added a Facebook widget to the page so that any updates Brandon made to his Facebook page would also be visible on the website.

By far the easiest project we have ever been involved in, but fun too. If you aren't sure why, checkout the testimonials on the site.

Note:This is an atypical project for Level 12 that we took on because it was quick, easy, and for a friend. We feature it here mostly b/c we think the testimonials on the site are just too great to pass up sharing.

Project Size
Free hair cuts for life
Time Frame
2 Days
Stats Unavailable