Employee Training Management

A Level 12 Case Study

The Challenge

Our customer is an industry leader and top-tier provider of rail related services.

They engaged us to develop custom software to help them track the training their 1100+ employees required and completed.

Training managers would need to be able to add and group training requirements together to create and monitor qualifications. Those managers would also need to be able to monitor expiration dates for both requirements and qualifications so employees and their site managers are notified when an employee needs to renew portions of their training.

It was important that the system had the ability to upload and attach documents for the purpose of:

  • Distributing training materials to managers and employees
  • Uploading certifications of training completion
Due to the large number of employees, worksites, and departments in the company, automation and other labor saving features were important to the success of the project.

Finally, our customer needed to funnel this data into their business intelligence solution so they could analyze the data for compliance and trends across their 1100+ employees.


We took the initial project requirements and produced the intial production ready version in a matter of weeks.  The training managers really benefitied from our iterative development process as they made frequent changes to the system as they learned more about the software and what they really wanted it to do.  We were able to quickly respond to many change and feature requests, each time delivering an operational production version for continued use and review.

The resulting application:

  • Tracks all training requirements
  • Tracks qualification statuses of all employees
  • Allows managers to record training
  • Ability to assign training requirements either by groups or individually
  • Allow employees to be exempted from some qualification requirements when necessary
  • Notifies managers when employees' qualifications are near expiration
  • Manages training documents
  • Managed qualification certification document requirements
Additionally, for reporting and business intelligence:
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes were created to move the data from the operations database to the customer's datawarehouse.
  • OLAP data cubes were created for data analsis
Project Size
Time Frame
1-2 Years
650+ Tests / 98% Coverage

Technologies Utilized