Natural Resource Management Application

A Level 12 Case Study

The Challenge:

Our client had a vision to create a new tool that would help them manage and predict their client's revenue accurately and automatically, but they did not have an IT team in their organization.

In order to achieve their industry-changing vision, they needed a software team that could both help them translate their business ideas into a robust, user-friendly software as well as do the work of coding.

The tool needed to:

  • Be a SaaS product so that they could onboard and manage a large volume of clients
  • Be capable of multi-tiered pricing from freemium to premium
  • Scale up and down automatically to meet varying levels of demand
  • Integrate with multiple open APIs
  • Show an easy to read production and forecast report
  • Work both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Visually map GIS data to show where physical resources are located

The Solution

Our team started with an assessment of our client's current processes and established how they wanted to enhance them with software. We worked with their team to learn what data points and processes were most important in their approach to managing natural resources so we could ensure their clients could easily gauge the profitability of their portfolios.

Once we understood the context of their business, we guided our client towards deploying a Single Page Application (SPA). They had originally wanted to develop mobile apps that could run on Android and Apple, but we helped them realize that a SPA would more accurately fit their clients needs as well as their budget as they were building a net new market.

From there, we started building a small version of the SPA that provided the most essential elements of this project. This allowed our client access to a small, powerful first iteration of their app that started generating revenue and allowed them to get feedback from users.

In the course of a few more releases, we have added features such as:

  • GIS mapping tools
  • Production reporting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Income estimates based on publicly available commodity pricing
  • Portfolio management tools
  • Tax reporting tools
  • Customizable user sets (admins, owners, users, etc)

As a result, our client is able to give their clients a deeper, more accurate look into their portfolio of assets. The end users now have the ability to dig into each individual resource and predict the income coming from each one individually and as a whole in order to create better tax and income management strategies. Furthermore, land owners are able to reconcile what they are paid for their resources and ensure their payouts are accurate.

Our client was able to create a new recurring revenue stream in their business that helped them gain more consulting clients as well. Our client's clients also benefit by having the right data at the right time to maximize their profits and minimize the losses.

Natural Resources
3 years

Technologies Utilized