Using cloud infrastructure and modern tooling we can build applications that automatically scale with your business

  • cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure)
  • infrastructure as code (Terraform)
  • orchestration (Nomad, Kubernetes)
  • containerization (Docker)
  • provisioning & automation (Ansible)

Racing with Terraform and AWS

Racing is big in Kentucky. Whether you are into NASCAR or horse racing, KY can accommodate. One project we are working on cashes in on this sector with a data driven wagering tool using PostgreSQL, AWS, and Terraform.

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Screenshot of the merchant residuals system

Replacing an Aging System

A large Financial Services company was quickly outgrowing their existing merchant residuals calculator. They needed functionality that did not originally exist, and were operating at a scale that their system was not built for. We specced out their needs, then took a test-driven approach to development to help ensure that all of the complex calculations required were accurately matching expectations.

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Automatic Cloud Scalability with Azure

An ML inspection workflow that we built for a client has unpredictable resource consumption needs - there are frequent "bursts" where we need a multitude of GPUs to process the jobs in a timely manner, but it would be a steep and unnecessary expense to keep these machines running when not in use.

We automated their infrastructure using Azure so that the system will automatically spin up new GPUs to quickly fulfill jobs, and decommission the machines when they are no longer needed.

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Cloud Scaling Process