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Replacing an Aging System

A large Financial Services company was quickly outgrowing their existing merchant residuals calculator. They needed functionality that did not originally exist, and were operating at a scale that their system was not built for. We specced out their needs, then took a test-driven approach to development to help ensure that all of the complex calculations required were accurately matching expectations.

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Screenshot of the merchant residuals system
Screenshot of the merchant residuals calculator

From 0 to MVP In 6 Months

A Fortune 500 Financial Services company asked us to help replace Excel for their merchant services residuals calculations. Since they did not have a formal specification for their calculations, we started with a Minimum Viable Product that they could then compare against the values in their spreadsheet system. We iterated on the formulas, chased down all of the edge cases, and eventually got to a stable state where our system could replace Excel, helping them facilitate business growth.

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Fortune 500 FinTech Onboarding Portal

A Fortune 500 leader in banking and payment technologies needed to streamline the process involved in onboarding new merchant accounts. The system ensured that users could only see and receive notifications for applications that were relevant to them or their sales team. As the merchant applications were updated, we created an audit trail so that an application's movement through the process could be visualized.

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