Modernizing Logistics with Custom Software

If anyone has benefited from modern software and technology, it is the logistics industry. Software can simplify even the most complex, multi-national supply chains, turn impossible routing problems into a click of the mouse, and shave valuable percentages off overhead costs.

We have solved logistics problems ranging from route planning for a local service agency, to data warehousing and visualization for a large rail corporation.

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Automate Complex, Time-Intensive Tasks

Moleliminator was spending hours each day tediously cross referencing zip codes to work requests, and copy-pasting addresses into an external map just to schedule their work routes for their agents. The software we built for them allows them to visually see the work requests on a map so they can quickly build their routes each day with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Designing and Building a Project Reporting App

Our client works on something we all use but almost never see - the pipelines beneath our roads. We are helping them overhaul their text-based workflow with a React app that will allow them to document their progress and generate attractive work reports for their clients. This will save their managers hours every week and let them get back to managing.

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Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

We worked with a large client in the transportation and logistics industry to help them design and build a data warehouse backed by a highly tested ETL framework. This prevents errors caused by out of sync data, while the automated testing helps us catch errors early in the development process and gives our client confidence that the data provided to them is accurate and up to date.

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Dev Talk: PostgreSQL and SQLServer

Postgres and SQLServer Data Migrations

How do you manage the accuracy of data migrations with a code base of 200k + lines? We made a robust set of automatic tests on the migration itself for our client that alerts us to any issues immediately and automatically. Our test suite reduced the manual testing workload and increased the accuracy of data in our databases.

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Migrate Away From Legacy Analytics

With many years invested in a legacy analytics tool that was no longer supported, our client needed to find a replacement that would allow their business users to continue to analyze and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and to pull reports for organizational activities and data. We designed and built a data warehouse and developed numerous (ETL) processes to organize and move data from their operations database into the data warehouse. We built an ETL framework that shared libraries with the operations database to cut down on development time and prevent errors caused by the ETL data models and operations data models getting out of sync.

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Funnel Data From One Service To Another

Our customer is an industry leader and top-tier provider of rail related services. They engaged us to develop custom software to help them track the training their 1100+ employees required and completed. They needed to funnel this data into their business intelligence solution so they could analyze the data for compliance and trends across their 1100+ employees.

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Visualize Data and Drill Down to the Important Details

A large client in the transportation industry needed a Business Intelligence tool that allowed them to generate reports and dive deep into the data so they could evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and pull reports for organizational level activities. We helped theme valuate their options, ultimately settling on Pentaho, which we then tied into their existing authentication system and the data warehouse.

The trust and confidence they have in our development skills has continued to grow in the 10+ years that we have been working together.

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